We provide full service tuning and brake work; from pads to brake lines.

Brake Work is one of the most common repairs that mechanics deal with. Wear and tear on brake pads is a repair that will happen more then once over the life of your vehicle. It is modestly priced repair. If it turns out it is disc, drum or rotor repair expect a higher bill, probably in the hundreds of dollars. Brake lines rarely need repair unless they are somehow cut.


Repairs are just a fact of life but with proper maintenance of the vehicle you can minimize the cost and frequency of repairs. That is the reason you should service your car often with us. Changing the oil and checking, balancing your tires is always good.

Tip: Oil changes should be done every few thousand miles to keep your car in the best possible running condition. It lengthens the life of the engine and having service records that show frequent oil changes can help the resell value of your vehicle.



These are the more complicated situations were the electrical, transmission, ignition, fuel, exhaust and air-conditioning systems are involved.​​ It's recommended that for these you come see us; a professional is recommended in these type of situations.

Tip: Always go with a certified mechanic, as they can guarantee their work and  are specifically trained to get your car running in the best conditions. The Good Guys Auto is here to serve you with our 45+ year experience and ASE Certification.

Cars are complicated machines and there are a lot of things that can go wrong with them but car repair shops often see the same repairs over and over. The common repairs listed below can often be avoided if you properly maintain your vehicle and have preventive maintenance done on a regular basis.

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