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May 29, 2013 by Tony




These guys are AMAZING ! They are honest and and not expensive, it is hard this days to find a garage that you can trust and i know what i am talking about, before going to them i went to Firestone and Purrfect auto; and they tried to rip me off asking me for thousands of dollars, and thanks god i found the Good Guys, they took a look at my car and fixed it for dirt cheap and passed the smog check for me, they even fixed my suspension system without telling or charing me for it ! This guys are amazing and i strongly advise any one in Las Vegas to go to them ! They base businesses on honesty and friendship.

Aug 24, 2012 by Justin




Erick and his team did a great job on my car it was hot and my AC was not working I pulled into the the shop and the fixed me had me up running within a afternoon. Very Happy!!!


Jul 17, 2011 by Stepen Baker




I have a 2005 FORD EXPLORER my air conditioning was not working took it to TIRE WORKS what a bunch of idiots filled my a/c with freon next day leaked out took it back to tire idiots filed it with freon again and said there were no leaks or could not find it or dont know how next day again no a/c,so allready fustrated about flushing $285.00 down the toilet so I went to good year more like bad year,said I needed compressor,condensor, a/c hoses,etc,etc,anyways the estimate was over $2,300 I was like I’m out of here,so I rememberd I once went to the good guys for a check engine light and had a great experience,I talked to danny the service writer there left my explorer for few hours got a call from danny while keeping my fingers crossed he said all I needed was an a/c hose with freon and labor all I payed was $580.00 next day got in my explorer still working and still has been working since the beginning of june, I even have to turn it down sometimes brrrrr cold,well thanks guys I’ll see you next time and every time I need anything on any of my cars.

Apr 04, 2011 by MR




As a single mom and im working 2 job.I went to 4 shops and got a price starting 1200 and up till 2000. I was driving by and saw Eric’s shop….went in and got a price of 430.00 and a Max of 700.00. They broke terms into plain terms for me to understand. Always kept thier word . I would send everyone and anyone to this shop! THEY ARE AMAZING!!!

Mar 28, 2011 by Raymond Skowron




Eric has won my trust and business forever! Before I met Eric, I had my 92′ Ford F150 towed to Ted Wiens when it would no longer start. I received an estimate of $3000 which included rebuilding the engine, replacing the flywheel and every fuel injector. The estimate cost me $80 dollars alone! I decided to bring the truck to Eric for a second opinion. He not only replaced the trashed motor, but actually used my original injectors. He also showed me my original engine and there was not a single tooth missing on that flywheel. Besides saving me over $500 by installing an engine with lower mileage, he did not charge me for towing the vehicle from Ted Wiens. As a side note, his great work also fixed the heating problem I had in the cab… all at no extra charge. After the great work he did on my truck, I had Eric repair the brakes on my 26’ boat trailer. Due to the size of the trailer, his mechanic went out of his way to begin and complete the brake job at my home where the boat was parked. Since the trailer also needed new tires, I later had Eric replace my worn, sun-damaged tires. The tires he replaced had been improperly installed auto tires, purchased by the previous boat owner. Eric replaced these narrow tires with proper wide trailer tires. Before replacing my tires, my boat would sway from side to side at 50 mph. After he installed the correct tires, the boat and trailer easily cruised down the interstate at 70 mph. I now bring all of my vehicle work to Eric and the Good Guys Team. I won’t let anyone else touch my truck, not even for an oil change!



Mar 07, 2011 by Darren Johnson




I own a 2005 jeep liberty went to auto tech for a check engine light on because I needed to pass smog they told me I needed and egr valve for $425.00 parts and labor they did the job and light came on next day,went back to auto tech and they told me I needed some kind of egr vacuum supply for $280.00 so I said forget it was recomended to the good guys by a freind so I went and spoke with Erick and Danny they checked out my car and told be all I needed was the passages to my egr valve cleaned for $150.00 so I was sceptical but I said o’k well after the repairs car passed smog and it’s been 3 months now and no more check engine light I probably never needed to replace the egr valve,thanks good guys your my one and only repair shop from now on.


Nov 13, 2014 by Sam





Great Work!!!
I highly recomend the good guys automotive to anyone with any car issues or just need maintenance theses guys great professional and honest they won me over and I'm sure they'll win you over too, there the best!!!

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